[!] Please read before you post your question


Dear User,

In 90% of cases, the description of the technical problem is not enough to reproduce the issue locally. Therefore we always ask for a complete demo that allows us to repeat the problem. This will save our and your time and will help us to solve the problem or send you a fix faster.

A complete demo is not just 4-5 lines of your code enclosed in the [code] tags. When we ask for a complete demo, we need all the corresponding js/css files of your project (the exact files you have) to locate and fix the issue.

Here is some instructions that will help you create a complete demo and understand what we mean:
docs.dhtmlx.com/auxiliary_docs__ … pport.html

However, if your project is complicated and includes lots of stuff, such as server-generated xml, dynamic content, etc., creating a demo is not an option. In this case, you can provide a direct link to your project. If such a page is confidential and you don’t want to share it on the forum, you can send the link and login details (if any) to support@dhtmlx.com. Please do not forget to include the link to the related post in the forum.

Also, please provide the instructions on how to reproduce the problem: the current and expected behavior, awaited result, etc. It will help us understand the issue and help you faster.

In many cases, the first reply to a post that describes an issue will be “please provide a complete demo”.

So please save your time and help us help you! :wink: