Please support us issue in Javascript Scheduler

Hi all,

We have a problem with Javascript Scheduler dialog in Chrome. We couldn’t click directly to button Save, Cancel or Delete. We’re using trial version to check Scheduler solution before buying this library. We searched this issue in your website and found that issue is already fixed from 2016. Can anyone explain to us how to fix? Does it happen in official Scheduler version?

Thank you!

Hi @hailm,

I tried to reproduce this issue in our snippet/tool and locally, but the lightbox buttons work correctly:

Currently, I can’t say for sure what is going wrong, so could you please reproduce the issue in the demo above(reproduce => click the “Share” button => send me the new link), or provide me a detailed instruction on how to reproduce it?

Dear Siarhei,

I would like to thank you so much for your quickly reply. We will investigate more in our system and let you know the ressult.

With thanks and best regards,