PNG and PDF Full Scheduler Exports

I’m struggling with exporting the scheduler to display all users (y_unit values) in the timeline view. It only seems to export the first page and thus cutting the rest off. It’s useless for us if we cannot offer a full scheduler export.

I can’t seem to find a solution anywhere, but maybe I’m overlooking it. Previously we were able to export everything using the PNG export option but that now no longer seems to work anymore.

Is there any existing solution to exporting everything visible in the scheduler?



I tried to reproduce and as I see everything works properly

How can I replicate your issue?

Hi Polina,

Thanks for your response. We have a pretty comprehensive scheduler so I can provide you with login details to take a look but I see that example is using “v.4.2.0” and we’re currently using “v.4.4.0”. As far as I remember, it worked in previous versions (not sure which one exactly).

PDF never worked but PNG. We’re happy if either work as long as we are able to export the entire scheduler.



Any update of this?

Sorry for a delay.
I have checked the issue in v.4.4 and export works properly in both cases.
Please update to the latest available version. If you already have the latest one - please wait until new update becomes available.