pop up menuHi

Hi again alxendra,

i want to implement a main menu as a pop up menu when the user clicks on a tipical three horizontal line icon…

Which view must i use to implement it?

Until now… i have a no modal window that has a form inside…and this form has lost of imagebuttons…It work perfect except of one thing…and is that the user has to click again on the menu icon to hide it…but i want the user to touch anywhere and this must hide the menu too…

Is there a way to do this? Am i using the correct way to create this kind of menus?

thanks a lot… i appreciate your work…thanks and greetings!!


Please check the following demos:

Or you can use hidden column instead of popup:


I did it but i have still 2 questions…maybe you can help me…

  1. How can i take off that border the pop up shows…
  2. This menu (pop up), when clicking one option loads content as iframe in almost all the screen and…when this happens theres is no way of hiding the menu when touching in a part of the screen the iframes takes up…however, i tested without an iframe or in other content and hides perfectly…but in an iframe it does not…
    And all my content is loaded as an iframe.

Thanks in advance!


our library does not set event listeners for the iframes. So, you can set own “click” event listeners for iframe pages that will apply hide() method to popups in parent window.

Thanks Alexandra!

You are welcome!