Populate Combo Box with Data From a Database

How can I populate a Combo Box with data from mySQL

I have initialized the grid on the page using the following method

var timesheetGrid = layout.cells("b").attachGrid();
				timesheetGrid.setHeader("Emp, Name, Date, Project ID, Project Name, Joinery Item, Job Name, Level, Room, Work Type, Hrs, Is ReDo, Job Notes");   //sets the headers of columns
				//sets the columns' ids
				timesheetGrid.setImagePath("codebase/imgs/"); //set the image path for the grids icons
				timesheetGrid.setInitWidths("70,100,100,70,100,150,100,70,70,100,70,70,*");  //sets the initial widths of columns
				timesheetGrid.setColAlign("center,center,center,center,center,center,center,center,center,center,center,center,left"); 	//sets the alignment of columns
				timesheetGrid.setColTypes("edn,ro,dhxCalendar,edn,ro,ed,ro,ro,ro,ed,edn,ch,txt"); //sets the types of columns
				timesheetGrid.setColSorting("str,str,date,str,str,str,str,str,str,str,str,str,str");  //sets the sorting types of columns
				timesheetGrid.setDateFormat("%Y-%m-%d"); //Set the Date Format to be used in the Grid
				timesheetGrid.attachHeader("#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,#text_filter,,#text_filter"); //Add text filters to columns
				timesheetGrid.load("data/timesheets.php");      //takes the path to your data feed
				var dpg = new dataProcessor("data/timesheets.php");

Each of the Columns EmpCode, Project, JoineryItem & WorkType need to be combo boxes populated with data from different mySQL tables.

I am unsure of how to bind the data to the combo box can anybody offer assistance.

The grid is loading data correctly already I just need to add combo boxes and bind values to them.

Code can be defined on client side ( with js API ) or on server side
If you are using dhtmlx connector on server side, it will generate options list automatically

docs.dhtmlx.com/connector__php__ … nswithdata