Populate Tree Fom Multiple Database Tables


First I love the product!
I’m developing a web application that requires a tree be populated from multiple database tables, and users would need the following functionality (I have attached an image of the tree structure to help describe what I’m ultimately trying to do);

1.) Data for Buildings, Floors, Rooms, Furniture, and Accessories is stored in separate database tables.
2.) Users should be able to edit the labels of all the tree nodes within the tree, and save changes back to the database.
3.) Would be great if tree state can be saved. As I understand it, this would mean Tree component would be used, and not TreeView.
4.) Users should be able to drag and drop furniture and accessory nodes into the tree structure from another tree (a catalog of sorts).

My thought is CRUD operations happen using DataStore, PHPConnector, DataProcessor. I have a PHP/MySQL backend.
The only approach I can come up with is to run the SQL queries on the server, using UNION to merge the data from each of the tables, then save the result as a .csv file and send it to the client for populating the tree. Will this work, supporting all the above mentioned functionality? Is there a better way?

Thanks very much for any help!

Check TreeMultitableConnector

It allows to use different tables for different levels in a tree ( it will be able to apply CRUD operations for all items )