Populating a COMBO within a grid using the .net connector

I am Re-posting as I despretely need an answer to the question below:

I have followed the instructions as outlined in this document… but can’t get the a combo embeded in a grid using the .net connector to work.

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … _with_data

On the server I have

dhtmlxGridConnector thisConnector = new dhtmlxGridConnector(“SELECT …”,dhtmlxDatabaseAdapterType.SqlServer2005, connectionString);

thisConnector.ExplicitOptions.Add((TableField)“[ENTITY]”, “Value1”, “Value1”, “Value3”);

On the calling page I have set the column to “coro” and it does show a read only column. It shows the default value but the drop down is always blank.

I have also tried:
thisConnector.ExplicitOptions.Add(thisConnector.Request.RequestedFields[0], “Extension”,“Alpha”, “Beta”, “Gamma”);
but get the same results.

Am I missing something here. Shouldn’t the above populate my combo with default values?


have you tried samples/dhtmlxGrid/06a_combo.aspx example from connector package?
Make sure you’ve specified column name(the first parameter of thisConnector.ExplicitOptions.Add) correctly

Still doesn’t work. Is there a live example. I looked at the source but didn’t see anything obvious.

When I inpect the XML returned, I get all the table data as I would expect and then the last row of my data is shows a coll option for field 17 (and the 17th field is then one that should be populated), but none of the values appear in the dropdown.

EXAMPLE RETURNED XML from the connector:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rows total_count="12">
        [ALL MY ROWS HERE]

        <coll_options for="17"><item value="Today" /><item value="1 Day" /><item value="3 Days" /><item value="5 Days" /></coll_options>


There is an example in connector’s package, it seems working as expected for me.
dhtmlx.com/x/download/regula … or_net.zip
Title on the index page:
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