Populating data from Query - ColdFusion example

We would like to dynamically populate a tree based as values are entered in a ColdFusion form. Do you have any examples CFML examples for this without writing to an XML file?

Thank YOu

Unfortunately there is no ready to use samples of such functionality for CF.
Basically component is fully client-side so it can be controlled by javascript, and it possible to dynamically populate it without any CF code at all, just by javascript.

>>without writing to an XML file
Tree can load data from XML - but it doesn’t mean that you need to write XML file, you can
    a) provide an XML as part of page ( content of hidden textarea for example) and use loadXMLString - to load data from it
    b) use loadXML, but instead of static XML file, set CF script as target, so loadXML will call CF script, which must output XML data as response ( CF script can collect such data from DB or other source )