Populating data

I’m new to mvc and I started a new project using dhtmlx calendar.
I attached the grid component but I don’t know how to populate the columns.
I need to show the name of the room, so instead of populating from <room_id></room_id> I need to populate the grid with the data from the room table. (room.room_name where myevent.room_id = room.room_id.)
How could I do this? I would appreciate your input.

if you use dhtmlxScheduler.NET libraries, you need to get a collection from items from the database, then feed them to SchedulerAjaxData helper and use the helper for action result (it can be implicitly converted to a ContentResult type)
scheduler-net.com/docs/loading-d … ta_to_load
When you loading the data, note that the data item class should have certain mandatory properties in order to be parsed correctly, check the article above