Popup in IE8

Something is wrong with library compatibility in IE8. I use 3.6 version of suite and the popup behaves weird. Please see the attached screen.

The code I use is:

                        title: "Ostrzeżenie",
                        type: "alert",
                        text: "Wybierz firmę!"

It seems like message tries to use footer container (if you have it) as a viewport.
Could you provide us demo to test this issue?
Locally seems like works fine but you have a custom skin (may be some custom settings) - what is why we need to see your demo
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=othe … leted_demo

Yes I have a footer. Besides in all other browsers it works. Even in IE11.

The sample is here: newfaktury.blesksoft.pl/sample please click edit without selecting grid’s row.

Try to add the next doctype:

May be it can solve you issue with chart too.

It worked. Great. Thx.

You are welcome!