popup window content

Hi ,

I’m using dhtmlxwindow that contains a layout and a menu ,
when i click an item in the menu a jsp page is opened inside one of the layout’s cells.
in this page i have a button that opens a popup window - I’m using attachURL
and initiates it with another jsp page that contains a grid. (w1.attachURL(“test.jsp”, true):wink:
but when i open the pop up window i cannot see the grid…

Is there any reason for that, how can i fix it?

Thanks for your help.


please provide initialization code or complete demo. The situation isn’t clear from the description.

Hi ,

hope this will make it clear…

this is the function called wen item in menu is clicked:

function menuClick(id,dhxTabbar,menu,dhxTree)
var tab_id_ = (new Date()).valueOf();

            var tab_header_ = menu.getItemText(id);
            if (tab_header_.toString().length > 20)
                    var tooltip_tab_header_ = "..." + tab_header_.substring(0,17);
                    tab_header_ = "<span title='"+tab_header_+"' style='width:180px'>"+tooltip_tab_header_+"</span>";

            dhxTabbar.addTab(tab_id_ , tab_header_ , "150px");

            dhxTabbar.setContentHref(tab_id_ , "tabletest.jsp?user=test);



and in the “tabletest.jsp” page , the contnet is like in the example of dhtmlxgrid - loading_big_datasets - 07_pro_paging_dynload .

Please advice . . .

Thanks for your help.


actually it doesn’t make the issue clear. In the previous question you mentioned w1.attachURL(“test.jsp”, true); that loads grid. Here true parameter means that the page content will be loaded using Ajax and placed as innerHTML of the window. JavaScript will be executed in this case but only script which is in tags. So, make sure that it is considered.
If the problem isn’t solved, please provide the complete demo (without any server-side scripts, all pages should be html).