Portal layout

The suggestion here concerns bringing a portal layout component to help the development of portal applications like Netvibes / iGoogle The goal of the following suggested capabilities is to help the dynamic conception of a page layout visually on the front end.

  • An option to allow the user to manually resize vertically and horizontally a “portlet” instead of just vertically fitting the content and horizontally following the width of columns in which portlet appear (that means, we could want a portlet to have a width smaller than the column).

  • Usually, the portal layout follows a disposition allowing portlets drag & drop through columns. A more flexible way to set the page layout would be useful for using the portlets. First, by allowing the page layout definition on the front end user side and instead of only columns, allow building of zones by defining them through a table approach instead of columns. That would allow a layout like this :
    Portlet A | Portlet B
    P O R T L E T C
    instead of just
    Portlet A | Portlet B | Portlet C
    Portlet D | Portlet E | Portlet F

  • Vertical and horizontal scroll bars or sliders to scroll the portlet content

  • On the programmer side, i suggest an easy way to add commands in the portlet title bar (next to minimize / maximize / close buttons)

  • intelligent behaviors around resizing portlets illustrated here [url]http://blog.isomorphic.com/more-features-for-smart-gwt-4-1-smartclient-9-1/?utm_source=Isomorphic+Software+List&utm_campaign=46ea0544d1-Smart_GWT_4_1_SmartClient_9_1_Released3_3_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f2e38700c2-46ea0544d1-77886877#portallayout[/url]

There is no such functionality in develompment plan.

Most likely what such feature it is impossible to make with layout. Probably, it can be create based on window.

Yes, that’s a good idea to give windows such capabilities

You can add this suggest here:

Thanks you.