Portlet Layout


For some screens I like portlet look and feel. I also like the dhtmlx full screen layout methodology.

As an experiment, I tried using dhtmlxWindows as portlets. The concept of positioning the portlet at an x,y coordinate works well.

If the window looked like a dhtmlxLayout (in color and shape), it would be perfect.

The concept of my request is to make it possible to position a dhtmlLayout using x/y coordinates. These portlet need to have the ability to be placed inside of layout like a non-movable window.


something like docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.1/extj … ortal.html


It sounds as interesting idea. We will look how it can be added to the existing functionality.


Thank you for considering this request.

As far as positioning each portlet by an x/y coordinate, this is just an idea. Possibly there is a better way of doing it.


I am excited to see v4.0 and hope this request makes the build!


We want to let you know that we released a new component, dhtmlxPortal, that will probably meet your requirements. It’s in beta now and will be added in DHTMLX Suite in the next release. At the moment we’re collecting your feedbacks and suggestions to enhance the performance and extend the functionality of this component. Check the details here: dhtmlx.com/blog/new-dhtmlx-component/


The new portal is looking very promising. Is it possible to set the top, right, left and bottom padding of each cells?

I am looking for a portlet in which each cell is a layout. In between each cell is empty white space (not the gray layout separator) and it’s possible to set how much padding to place between each cell.

I am going to email a picture of a screen showing how I created a portal view in dhtmlx v4. I am emailing it for the sake of keeping it private.