Posibility to add a Custom WBS on columns

Hi everyone!

We’re doing a Last Planner based program and we want to import some thing from Project and Primavera. But Primavera uses custom WBS that is different from project. So, is it possibly to add those custom WBS into the Tasks and then show them into a different column?

Thanks in advance!

It is possible to add custom columns and it is easy to do that. It is explained in the following article:
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__ … lumns.html
You can even turn on built-in WBS column, though you cannot customize it.
But unfortunately you can only import data from MS Project, JSON and XML:
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__ … oject.html
If Primavera can export the project as MS Project file you can try loading it into Gantt, although I do not guarantee that it will work correctly. If you convert it to XML or JSON I don’t think that you’ll have issues as long as it is a valid JSON/XML file. Then you just need to add a custom column that will display the WBS code. Here is an example with built-in WBS code and custom WBS code (values are taken from the tasks):