Position Calendar inside a relative Div


I am trying to integrate the calendar into my site and am running into problems with the positioning.

Basically I want to put the calendar into a DIV wrapper and have the wrapper ‘wrap’ the calendar. Unfortunately as the scheduler uses absolutely positioned elements this is causing problems.

In fact according to this forum it is impossible.

Attached is a screenshot of the issue.

You can see that the wrapper that is supposed to be enclosing it has collapsed and the calendar loads without its background.

Hope there is a solution to this?


I’m think that adding “position:relative” to the wrapper div must resolve issue.

Also, while some elements in the scheduler are abs. positioned, to level scheduler’s container has position:relative, not absolute, so it must not cause such problems.

Check the attached
1296028681.zip (49.6 KB)


Yes thanks, it works for fixed width elements where the width and height are defined in pixels.

However my application uses 100% width and height which do not work.

If the scheduler script could output it’s height in px then we could define the height dynamically.

Do you have any other ideas?



Hmm… I’m still don’t think that there is some limitation here.
You need to define some size for wrapper div, or scheduler will not be able use percent based size correctly. If you need to have scheduler smaller than wrapper div, you can use

scheduler.xy.margin_top = 20;
scheduler.xy.margin_left = 20;

to decrease x and y sizes of scheduler