Position & same component in tabbar

I have tab component and I want to attach three components (menu,grid,toolbar)
is it possible

  1. to put toolbar at bottom position ?
  2. to have two or more the same component in one tab (for example two toolbars).

Thank you

In your case you can easily use all 3 components in one tabar cell:

tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar("userTab", "top"); tabbar.setImagePath("../dhtmlxTabbar/codebase/imgs/"); tabbar.setSkinColors("white","#FFFACD"); tabbar.setStyle("dhx_skyblue"); tabbar.addTab("a1", "Tab 1-1", "100px"); tabbar.setTabActive("a1"); dhxMenu = tabbar.cells("a1").attachMenu(); dhxMenu.setIconsPath("../dhtmlxMenu/samples/common/imgs/"); dhxMenu.loadXML("../___xml/dhxmenu.xml"); toolbar = tabbar.cells("a1").attachToolbar(); toolbar.setIconsPath("../dhtmlxToolbar/samples/common/imgs/"); toolbar.setSkin("dhx_skyblue"); toolbar.loadXML("../___xml/dhxtoolbar.xml"); grid = tabbar.cells("a1").attachGrid(); grid.setImagePath("../___img/"); grid.setHeader("Name,Details"); grid.setInitWidths("100,*"); grid.init(); grid.loadXML("../___xml/grid_default.xml");

If you need some special attachment - just ask about it :slight_smile:

thank you

You are welcome!