position:top in Window component

Came across an minor issue when using “window” component with the property “position: top”.

When creating the window with dhx.ui, the window animates nicely and positions the window at the top of the screen. The only problem is that at the end of the animation, the animations styles are left on the window. The animation styles appear to cause the input fields to act sluggish when inputting data in the original iPad and in Chrome browser (Win 7/OS) the cursor keys do not work. (really strange :slight_smile: )

One method of correcting this issue is to remove the animation styles consistent with removing the other animations. To implement, change a couple of lines of code starting at line: 9136

var win = this;
if (this._settings.position == “top”)
dhx.animate(this._viewobj, {type: ‘slide’, x:0, y:this._settings.height, duration: 300,
callback:this._setPosition_callback, master:win });

And add this routine after line: 9139 (approx. depending on the 2 lines added above)

this.setPosition(this._settings.left, this._settings.top);



we have not reproduced the problem locally. Could you please attach the demo or just window init example that allows to reproduce the problem?

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for looking into it. I have attached a simple test.html document that duplicates the issue.

test.zip (521 Bytes)


we have managed to reproduce the problem. And your solution perfectly solves it. Thanks again!