positioning and button event on toolbar

dear team,

what about adding style and positioning on dhtmlxToolbar, just like positioning on dhtmlxForm, so we can group item by it’s functionality, or creating toolbar more than one row

because, in my case, the toolbar width is not enough to collect all my button (with text attribute), it will be cool when we can create ms_office ribbon like toolbar using dhxToolbar

once more, how about adding ‘per-item’ event listener instead of toolbar global event, so we can attach event on a button, just like


so we can minimize usage of if-else or switch-case in our event listener

just my opinion, thanks


Toolbar supports separators and Spacer. The latter allows to locate the part of button on the right:


Toolbar can not be multi-lined. However, you may lay out sevel toolbars.

how about adding ‘per-item’ event listener instead of toolbar global event

There is not such an event listener.

Cool! I’m new here. It Sounds cool, I think I’m gonna try this one.