positionning of lightbox

Dear all,
My scheduler is included into a windows and when i create a new event The lightbox is displayed out of the window and some time out of my web navigator . in this case i can’t access to buttons to clse the lightbox.
Is it possible to redefine the lightbox into a window or to disply the buttons on the top of the lightbox ?


You can try to modify the showCover method, which is setting the position of the form.

Unfortunately there is no way to move buttons on top of form ( except of case, when you fully replace built-in form with the custom one )

Thank for information but can you explain me how i use showCover method i didn’t find anythinks in your documentation.

The method itself is an inner method of scheduler and can’t be used directly by you can change the logic inside it to define your own positioning.

It contains
which defines position of form, and can be changed according to your needs

Ok thanks a lot.