Possibility to pass Layout's cell as Window's node


Is that possible to implement new feature to allow pass Layout’s cell as Window’s node? I would like to open window only in one Tabbar’s tab for example, and that window should be not visibled after switch tab to another but should be visibled again when user comes back to previous tab.

Hi, I made an example with tabbar, to show a window only when clicking on the specific tab.

I don’t know exactly if this is what you want, but I hope it helps.


@DouglasMeirelles thank you for your job. Sample with tabbar is only one, but there are more possible scenarios, for example window could be placed at Cell that could be hidden, etc. Your way needs to handle every possible scenario, and that is hard, especially if application is very advanced. I dream to pass parent component for Window, it could be as node property or with constructor like another components have, and that way could solve every scenario but it needs to adjust library.

Similar problem is about Messages, especially that one generated with dhx.message function - they are visibled always but I would like to show them only in any cell’s viewport, and that cell could be layout’s cell, tabbar’s tab or event form’s container.

I understood the general context, really, the suite could be improved to be more flexible and easier to work with in these situations.

You may try to use the node property of the window to attach it to the specified node.
Something like:

I know that way, but I asked about something little else. Please try to attach any component to that tab where window is, and keep window’s state (for example with form inside) when tabs are changing. With your sample that doesn’t work and that is very difficult to handle yourself and that is reason I asked about support for it in library.