Possible agenda view bug

If you click on prev. or next button (next to Today button) in Agenda view sample nothing happens. But if you switch back to week view current date will be changed to next year.

docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … _view.html

It may be not the best behavior, but expected one. Agenda shows oncoming events, it ignores the prev and next buttons ( you can configure the time period which is shown in agenda view, but navigation buttons will not work in any case )

Is there way to disable navigation buttons in agenda view, so it doesn’t confuse user?

There is no way to hide | disable them programmatically.

You can assign a code to onViewChange, from which set custom css class on document body or on the scheduler’s div. Now you can create a style which will hide|shade the buttons when custom css class is active.

I agree that it need to be handled in a better way.
We will try to include some kind of solution in the next version of scheduler.