Possible attributes of <option> tag

Says Adding Options
" Possible attributes of tag are as follows:
value - option value
selected - if option is selected
img_src - icon url (also add the 4th parameter to combobox constructor - “image”)
checked - checkbox state (for combo with “checkbox” type, 0 by default)

Maybe, however, can people add other attributes? ex.

{food: "a", text: "1st plate", image: "1.gif", css: "background: #ccc;"}

I need replace ‘value’ to ‘food’ and ‘img_src’ to ‘image’.
Can I use ‘food’ as option value?
In other words, I type attribute’s values ‘food’ and Combo choose suitable text from ‘text’.


There is no way to change dhx attributes names.

Thank you for your accurate and precise answer.

Is it possible to deceive him somehow?))

We will try to suggest you something, but we need to know the reason and the logic of this manipulations. And practic example.

Added example. I typed

{value: "apple", text: "1st plate"}, - it works, of course
I want

{food: "apple", text: "1st plate"}, - it doesn’t work

Why do I need it. I need integrate it in current (exist) system.

Thanks, in any case.
example.zip (13.4 KB)

Unfortunately there is no approach in your case. We have not place to provide such functionality in the future.


You are welcome!