Possible bug in recurring events


My client is going to purchase scheduler in nearest future - for now I’m testing the features.

When you edit occurrence with showing details and delete it and try to edit other occurrence lightbox freezes and nth can be done until page refresh - none of lightbox btns works.

Firebug shows error:
TypeError: this.getEvent(…) is undefined
Line 5447

Next thing is: in docs you can read that if occurrence is edited and time or other property is changed event is saved as separate one - is it correct behavior that during editing main event as series and saving changes, the “separate changed occurrence” is overwritten and all changes are lost?


Hi Grzesiek,

This is a known bug. It and several small bugs that appeared in v4.0 are currently fixed in a dev version. We plan to release a minor update that includes these fixes on Tuesday

Yes, it is designed behavior


Thanks for your answer - I’m happy to hear that this bug would be fixed.

I have question due to collision prevention - at client side I use plugin with custom onEventCollision that checks if overlapped event belongs to logged user, and if the chosen resourse is not used by other user at the same time. It works for client side but I’m wondering how to check the collisions at server side.
I assume attaching custom event to the connector (‘beforeProcessing’) is the only possible solution. Checking if the nonrecurring event is overlapping other non-recurring ones (including user_id and resource_id) is simple thing.
But when we have recurring events it becomes a bit complicated. I’ve searched at forum and find out the SchedulerHelper class - does it return all events that collision occurs (regular ones and reccurring) or it works only for recurring ones? As far as I can see the query finds the regular event as collision but it doesn’t include it in $final array that is returned by get_dates().

Let assume some schenerios:

  1. non recurring event created:
    ScheduleHelper class can be used to check if it collide with any recurring event and some custom code to check if event colide with none recurring one

  2. recurring event created:
    We assume that option “no end date” is not possible to choose.
    In before processing we need to:
    a) parse rec_pattern to get all dates used by new event
    b) for each date use point 1 to check if there is no collision

Is the mentioned flow correct? Or it can be done in some other way?