Possible bug in Unit View when scrolling

I’m having an issue with the Unit View with the Size property set. If I set the Size to be less than the the total sections, the scrolling does not work on today’s date only. For example, I currently have around 20 sections (I’ve tested with as few as 4 and found the same problem) and set the size to 10. On every date except for today’s date, the 10 sections show appropriately and the left/right scroll buttons appear. However, if I’m looking at today’s date, the scroll buttons disappear and nothing loads. Changing dates makes the buttons reappear and other events are populated but going back to today’s date does it again. The browser console tells me it cannot read properties for className or appendChild of undefined.

I’ve tested this in Chrome, IE and FF in my dev environment and by modifying the samples provided. I’m using dhtmlxScheduler v4.3.0, Commercial.

it is a known bug.
Please PM me your license number, I’ll send you a fixed build.
We also going to release a fix really soon

That fixed it! Thanks!

I had to replace both that file and the dhtmlxscheduler.js, but it worked like a charm.