Possible clashes between DB Softwares and DHTMLX library?


Maybe this is a naive question :unamused: but I just want to be sure: If I want to apply a DHTMLX library for the use of a database Administrator application (I see you have this option here) in a a website and to have it in synch with my Oracle DB, does it matter what is the database mangaement software I use to mangage my database? Is there any clashes between them and what should I check before?
I use TeamWork Database Change Management



The dhtmlx component are fully client side, so there is no difference how DB is organized and which tools are used for its administration

and to have it in synch with my Oracle DB

Components can’t communicate directly with DB, so you will need to use some server side script as intermediate level ( php, jsp, asp etc. )

thanks a lot. :exclamation: