Possible in the Custom Fields?

Hey everyone,

I was hoping to add a custom field for my events that would allow me to display a logo or picture according to who is the host of the event.
Under the “custom field” type “Select list”, to use html to add an image or any other under each option. I would ideally like to use the company’s logo instead of a color highlight.

Appreciate any help you guys can give

You can define custom field with options, and after that redefine template of event, in which you can include any logic , based on selected option.

Check … appearance

Bit of javascript knowledge is required.

Appreciate the quick response

My knowledge of Java is minimal at most. Thinking I might just give up unless someone else has already done so.

Thanks anyway!


Just to clarify, under the list I’d have 5-6 options and for each one there would be a set imagine which I imagine would be designated by altering the code. Anybody have done this before?