Possible to call ESRI APIs using dhtmlxConnector?


I have a need to obtain data from an ESRI database and populate a DHTMLX grid control with the data. I’m only allowed to access the data via ESRI’s APIs, not directly through SQL (please see [url]http://developers.arcgis.com/en/javascript/jsapi/[/url]).

Is there any way I can populate the grid control using a .php dhtmlxConnector file? Or would I call the ESRI APIs directly from the client-side application (webpage with dhtmlxGrid control)?

Thank you!

As far as I can see - ESRI’s APIs is a javascript API, so it can’t be accessed from php in any sane way.
If API can provide raw json data - you can feed dhtmlx components with it, so again php connector may be just not necessary.

Thank you very much Stanislav. Yes, the ESRI APIs (wrapped by a Web service) emit the response in JSON format, which is why we were thinking we could consume the Web service directly within the client app, and then feed the DHX controls with the JSON objects.

We’re excited about this possibility, combining ESRI with DHTMLX components!

dhtmlxgrid can load data as

grid.load(json_url, "js");


grid.parse(json_data, "js");

If data is a collection of objects something like

[ { id:1, propA:123, propb:124}, //names of properties do not matter { id:1, propA:123, propb:124}, ... ]

You can above parse and load command without any transormations