Possible to hide a column in Spreadsheet?

Well, after I got everything working, the organization now wants a column to be hidden on the public read only sheet but visible on the private full access sheet.

Is there any way to do this?

If not, is it possible to just remove the bottom horizontal scroll bar?

Unfortunately both functions are not available in spreadsheet.
Idea with hidden columns sounds interesting - we will check how it can be added in the next version

Thanks for the answer. I guess just as with prayers, sometimes the answer is just NO.

I did come up with a down and dirty workaround, which was to use absolute size and positioning in the spreadsheet

, and to create another absolutely positioned empty
that lays over the bottom of the spreadsheet so that it covers the horizontal scroll bar, and the width of the spreadsheet
prevents the last column from being seen.

I know it’s dirty code and there is no security, but it works for now I guess.

Thanks for a great product.