I have tried to install the DHTMLX Gantt app using the instructions on the site. However I get the screen shown in the attached image as a result. Did I miss out anything?

Can you share the html file in which issue occurs ?
According to the screen, the basic grid initialization goes fine, but data loading was not processed correctly.

here is the html code that I ended up with:


How to Start with dhtmlxGantt
gantt.config.xml_date = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%i"; gantt.init("gantt_here"); gantt.load('data.php');//loads data to Gantt from the database
var dp=new dataProcessor("data.php");   
gantt.parse (tasks);   

var tasks = {
{id:1, text:“Project #1”,start_date:“01-04-2013”, duration:11,
progress: 0.6, open: true},
{id:2, text:“Task #1”, start_date:“03-04-2013”, duration:5,
progress: 1, open: true, parent:1},
{id:3, text:“Task #2”, start_date:“02-04-2013”, duration:7,
progress: 0.5, open: true, parent:1},
{id:4, text:“Task #2.1”, start_date:“03-04-2013”, duration:2,
progress: 1, open: true, parent:3},
{id:5, text:“Task #2.2”, start_date:“04-04-2013”, duration:3,
progress: 0.8, open: true, parent:3},
{id:6, text:“Task #2.3”, start_date:“05-04-2013”, duration:4,
progress: 0.2, open: true, parent:3}
{id:1, source:1, target:2, type:“1”},
{id:2, source:1, target:3, type:“1”},
{id:3, source:3, target:4, type:“1”},
{id:4, source:4, target:5, type:“0”},
{id:5, source:5, target:6, type:“0”}


Check the updated file (attached) (700 Bytes)

Got it! I replaced my old file with this one, using the old file name. However, now, nothing appears on my screen. do I have to modify anything in my php file?

Sorry, I have changed the js and css paths
Please revert them back ( set valid paths for dhtmlxgantt.js and dhtmlxgantt.css )

oh ok…let me try it out with the old paths…

Thanks again! I made the changes and it works fine! Just out of curiosity, where was my mistake? I couldn’t find it comparing your file and mine.

How do I resize the Gantt window so that it shows full screen?

The script tag was closed incorrectly, so half of script was not processed with original html file

As for gantt sizing, change the html code



like next


html, body{ height:100%; }