Post loadXML functions

I am trying to trigger a function when the loadXML has completed - however this is asynchronous. I have attempted to use both the onXLS / onXLE events and also use the second argument of the loadXML command. Both execute the function immediately rather than once the data has loaded. (dhtmlxgrid v1.6).

Actually both onXLE and second parameter of load function executed only after data loading.
If problem still occurs for you - please provide a code snippet - how custom code attached to mentioned events in your case.
( The situation a bit more complex in case of distributed parsing, where second parameter of loadXML executed after first chunk of data loaded, and onXLE executed only after all XML processed )

Beware that IE , in case of loading files from local filesystem ( not http:// like links ) may load data in sync. mode, which can cause different behaviors.

I have re-tested this and get the same results.

The alert in the loadXML appears immediately, rather than when the data is returned from the server page.


init: function(){

if (trent.rosterDebug) {tD.add(“Forecast.init()”);}

// Maximise forecast adjustment form

if (et.isMaximised) {et.maxAndMinimise();}

// Grid initialisation

trent.rostering.feed.Forecast.grid = new dhtmlXGridObject(‘fcast_grid’);





getGridData : function() {







The correct syntax will be




If you write js command directly - it will be executed during command execution, to work properly, code need to be wrapped in function.