Potential bug

I’ve come across a bug with the tree/grid system.

Basically, if the id of a defined file/folder is a prefix of a different folder id, it ends up appearing in that folder no matter how the rest of the tree is defined. I assume this isn’t intended, but someone correct me if I’m wrong on that, or if there’s a reason why this has to be the case.



Solved it by using filepaths as ids, which possibly is what it’s designed for, but the documentation for this package is awful so who knows?


Turns out I didn’t solve it. I think the bug is actually a bit more advanced - a given file will appear (in the grid) to be inside any folder who’s id is contained inside the file’s id. There’s no way this can be intentional, must be a poorly tested “is one thing contained in this other thing”.

Could you please, clarify the occurring problem with some details, screenshots or an example.