Pre sale question - Google multi calendar

I’m using your suite for my projects, congratulations for the excellent really good job.

I have a question, I have properly configured the package Google Calendar APIv3 and working properly two way syncing calendars.

I would like to know which is the correct syntax or the best method to display in two different calendar google calendar itself under the same domain and authorized with the same API.

And then, as you can assign a color to the events of each calendar, and if you can in the timeline view (which eventually purchase) assign a calendar every resource.

Thank you

do you use a php wrapper for google calendar?

If so, the current api does not provide a way to for connecting to multiple calendars at once.
Although, the wrapper uses Google Calendar API v3, which is publicly available and relatively well documented so you could customize the scheduler tool as required.
Alternatively, you can have a separate instances of a google calendar tool, each connected to it’s own calendar and some proxy script on top of that, from which you’ll collect data from both calendars in order to send it to the scheduler, and also send a dataprocessor (insert/update/delete) request to the correct google calendar. I do not have a ready example, and probably this approach would also require some customization of a google calendar tool.

Hello , I was able to view Multiple calendars by adding more lines scheduler.load What links each to His data_name.php and works PROPERLY . And ’ in alone but reading the Moment And enough for me now I’m trying to color so Different Events That come From the three data_name.php but I find difficulty in How the ’ id el ’ User Are The Same so I have a univoc parameter May I identify the differences between the calendars . You suggestions ??

do you mean you want different color for events that comes from different calendars?
If so, here are the general options for coloring that scheduler provides: … color.html

As far as I understand, google calendar events that you get from the server contains google calendar id … nce/events - iCalUID property
which you can use in event_class templates to do coloring. You’ll need to define several different classes for different calendar and when you load data - bind specific class to a specific calendar id