Pre-sales question: only allow predefined list of events?

I have another pre-sales question before I start my 30 day trial.

I have 50,000 calendars. Imagine that it’s one calendar per employee.

I want each calendar to only be able to create an event if it’s on a list of approved events. I want to store the list of approved events in Azure DocumentDB. Each approved event has an ID, and I want that ID to be mapped somehow to a calendar event.

Is this possible with DHTMLX Scheduler.NET?

i’m not exactly sure how do you want it to work, i.e. how an employee would pick an approved event and how he supposed to create it in a calendar. Probably it would be either drag and drop of event from some list control on the page into the calendar, or selecting a related event in the details form after creating schedule in a calendar - if you want something any close to these use cases, then yes, it is doable with dhtmlxScheduler

I haven’t thought it all the way through, but the first scenario you describe sounds good.