Preferred way to configure grid


It seems that there are 2 ways to configure dhtmlxGrids - Javascript or XML. I have been using Javascript to configure my grids. However I now need to integrate a dhtmlxCombo into my grid. I looked at the documentation, and it seems that the only way to integrate a combo is via XML.

1) What is the preferred way to configure grids? Javascript or XML?

2) Is it true that the only way to integrate a dhtmlCombo is via XML? If so, then I should change my code to configure all my grids via XML?


1) How to initialize grid (form JavaScript or XML) depends on your bisness logic. There is no preferred way how to configure grid

2) You can configure dhtmlxCombo via JavaScript:
combo = grid.getCustomCombo(index)
combo.put(value,label) - adds a new record in the collection;
Please see more information here … omboexcell