Preloading TreeView on page load


I am having difficulties getting the loading time of the TreeView to reduce. I have tried the methods explained in the guide but there tree still takes 4-6 seconds to render correctly using 3-state checkboxes.

I have tried loading the tree inside a hidden div using the onload function then displaying the div using a button but this makes the whole page unusable until the rendering of the tree is completed.

Is it possible to display the contents of the treeview as they are being rendered. i.e. the user is able to scroll down the tree list whilst it is still being built or a way of rendering the treeview in the background seamlessly?



please provide some details about tree structure:

- total number of nodes in tree

- number of nodes per level.

Hello Alex,

My tree is populated using a dynamically created xml document.

The most parent nodes the treeview will have at one time is around 470 with on average 2 child nodes to each parent, although a couple may have around 12-15 child nodes.

thanks again

So, the total number of nodes in tree is 470 nodes… Am I right ?

In this case you can use Smart XML Parsing functionality to improve performance:


If some nodes contains a lot of nodes per level, you can use also disrtibuted parsing.

Please, see the sample: … _load.html

Thanks very much Alex, I used what you said and the data now loads part by part and is a lot smoother.