Prepopulate the event title when dragging to create event


In my scheduler, I allow the user to drag to create an event.
But when the event is created, it asks me to type in what I want to name the event.

I don’t want to type this in, I want the event title to be pre-populated with a specific value and the event created immediately.

How do I avoid showing this initial input/textbox when creating the event, and how do I set the event name to a default value on create?




You could set required name for new event using onEventCreated event. Example:

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventCreated”, function(id,e){
var event = scheduler.getEvent(id);
event.text = “Required name”;
}); … event.html


Hi Polina,

Thank you, but this doesn’t work. It still expects me to type input into the box.

See a screenshot here

I don’t want to allow the user to type anything into this box and have to click the tick button to create the event.
I just want the event created immediately.




In the sample event created immediately:


That works perfectly, thank you :laughing:



Your link is currently unavailable and I would like to have your code to do what @Meltdown is asking.
Could you please, re-upload it ?

Thank you by advance