Prevent collapse of subrows on editing cell in parent row


I’ve a grid with subrows, the cells become editable on double click which is great, however if the rows subrows are expanded when the user double clicks on a parent cell to edit it the subrows collapse which is not desired.

How can I prevent this behaviour while preserving the double click edit?

Unfortunately such feature is not available.

As you say this feature is not there. Please remove feature of collapsing the subgrid while editing parent cell.

or tell how to remove your existing feature??

why do you collapse the grid by default while editing. Any advantages???

Subrow collapsing on opening editor due to the design limitations. As expading the subrow you enlarge the row height, which is used as the editor height.
You disable if you need the subrow collapsing modifying the internal code of the dhtmlxGrid_excell_subrow.js
try to find the

if (row._expanded && !show){

string and remove all this statement.