Prevent dragging over section

hi all,

Is there any method to prevent dragging an event over sections in the same scheduler? I try to use onBeforeDrag for this, but in this case i don’t know the current section id so cannot make any custom logic for it.


Have a good read through the api docs and you will see plenty of events that get fired at different stages of creating/editing/dragging events.

In this case, you could tap into the onBeforeEventCreated or onBeforeEventChanged events and return false which will delete/undo the action. You could also show the user a message as to why they were unable to perform the action.

onBeforeEventChanged might be a good choice i succeeded to prevent horizontal dragging it previously, but this stage is a little bit late since user has already been dragging it to another section, that could be confusing i think. I looked for some property that is not allow the user to do this before the action. anyway, this is a usable workaround for it… maybe in the future…


*horizontal dragging -> i mean vertical dragging :slight_smile: