Prevent overlapping events by custom field configuration

Is it possible to prevent overlapping events not generally, but by the configuration of a custom field?
We use the WP Scheduler on to manage football field occupancies. We would like to prevent occupying e.g. part A of a field 1 if the complete field 1 is already occupied.
Please tell me if this kind of overlapping prevention can be realized within the plugin.

scheduler doesn’t provide special option to implement it.
It’s possible, but requires customization.

thanx for Your answer. Could You tell me how this could be customized? I would like to know which files or classes are relevant for this topic. It would be great if You could show me where to find the code for customization and a lil hint how to realize it.

scheduler provides api to deny creating or editing events: … ler:events

So you may attach events and block scheduler events creating according your logic.
Your code may be located in scheduler_include.html file like here:

// your custom logic