Prevent the first row from scrolling up in Grid (v7.x)


Is it possible to prevent the first row from scrolling up? The first row in my case, displays the number of rows the user has selected and I want this row to be visible even when the user scrolls down. I tried applying “position: fixed” to the first row. However, it looks like rows other than the ones that are in the viewport are not present in the DOM.


Unfortunately it is not availabel to stick a row. Pleas,e tr yto use the additional header in your grid in this case.


The cells in my table are nothing but dropdowns and input fields. Is it possible to create a header with dropdowns and input fields? I do not want these to filter the rows. I’m gonna be using it to update cells in multiple rows.


You may place any html-content in your header cell, including the dropdiown or an input with the needed logic.