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Since I have large data collections, I want to achieve dynamic loading. I didn’t find that feature in mobile scheduler so I decided to implement my own way of handling dynamic loading.

Simply, at init process I would load whole month data and then my idea was to load month data on corresponding selected month. For that scenario I want to implement “next” and “prev” month buttons on click events so that I can load data from that month.

But my own implementations of “click” function is not firing at all. Please provide some assistance for manipulating buttons “dhx_cal_arrow dhx_cal_next_button” and “dhx_cal_arrow dhx_cal_prev_button” click events.

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We’ve stopped the development of dhtmlx mobile scheduler. The possible options will be sent to your email address.



I also need to dynamically load the data in the Scheduler Timeline when the Previous/Next button are clicked.

My timeline implementation might include the data of a whole year and I want to load only the data belonging to the time period shown in the scheduler timeline.

I using the dhtmlxscheduler_timeline v.4.3.0 professional

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