Previous/Next in Timeline not working properly

I create a Timeline with the following code:

[code]var objects = [{ key:“1”, label:“Object 1”}, { key:“2”, label:“Object 2”}];

var timelineConfig = {
name: “timeline”,
render: “bar”,
x_unit: “day”,
x_date: “%d”,
x_step: 1,
x_size: 7,
x_start: 12,
x_length: 7,
round_position: true,
x_unit: “week”,
x_date: “%W”
y_unit: objects,
y_property: “object_id”

scheduler.init(‘yapm-scheduler’, new Date(2014,11,31), “timeline”);[/code]

Above code correctly renders the timeline for current week (week 3: 12th - 18th of January), but the Previous and Next buttons are not working properly.

From the start pressing Next jumps the timeline to the 31st of January (19th expected)
From the start pressing Previous jumps the timeline to the 17th of January (5th expected)

As workaround I set x_start to 0 and use the 12th as start date in the init.

(another bug: the week 01 label is broken into two parts)

Try redefining a ‘view_start’ date function,
scheduler.createTimelineView(timelineConfig); =;

Please check the example