Previous webpage asking for some data


I am triying to make a previous page to ask for 2 datas from data base. I want to do 2 dependant combobox and when I have data in both get the calendar.

I want to do this to get just some events. Data are used for a sql query in one calendar file.

Do you have any idea??

Sorry, but it is not clear which functionality do you mean.
Can you provide some more details.

I want a webpage which ask for one data in combobox, when I choose the first data, a second combobox shows a second option.

That second option is related to the first one.

When I have both data, I select a button (example: next) and calendar appears.

In calendar I want to show just some events, not all. I want to use both datas choosen before to sql query. Something like: select * from event_table where field1 = data1 and field2 = data2

Inside connector file , you can use custom sql query, with any extra filtering rules.
You can check samples\02_customization\shared_events\events.php , where server side query based on incoming parameters.

Yeah, I already saw that example. But I need to change that 2 parameters each time I want to use the calendar.

I want a calendar unsed by many people and not all of them have to see the same events. Just their shire and city for example.

So for that reason I want to give an option to choose them before showing calendar.

You can call your page as


and in code of calendar.php

scheduler.load('events.php?param1=<?php echo $_GET['param1']; ?>&param2=<?php echo $_GET['param2']; ?>');

So parameters of calendar.php will be transfered to events.php