price type cell with commas


regarding the price type cell, is it possible to put commas on the number? for easier readability purposes…

as we know it if i put a comma now, the input will be discarded, basically because the grid finds it as a string and not a ‘price’ anymore.

is there anyway i can customize the price type cell? to make accomodate commas.

what *js codes to edit…


You can change functionality of existing price excell ( or create a custom one )

dhtlmxgridcell.js, line 1088

eXcell_price.prototype.setValue = function(val){
        if(isNaN(Number(val))){   //<< just remove all block related to number validation

Also you can use number validation and number formatting in same time, by using edn excell type


    after such command number in second column ( 1 - zero based index of second column ) will be automatically splitted in comma separated groups of 3 digits