Primary Key With Space - Writing Not Working

I’ve rendered a dhtmlxGrid using a table where the primary key is VARCHAR
It loads fine, but when I try to modify an entry it cannot process. Here’s the error log:

[code]DataProcessor object initialized
First_Last_gr_id => First Last
First_Last_c0 => First Last
First_Last_c1 => 0
First_Last_c2 => 34
First_Last_!nativeeditor_status => updated
ids => First Last

Row data [First Last]

Undefined index: First Last_!nativeeditor_status at /var/www/dev/user/codebase/connector/dataprocessor.php line 78

Undefined variable: operation at /var/www/dev/user/codebase/connector/dataprocessor.php line 168

Access control: operation blocked

Edit operation finished
0 => action:error; sid:First Last; tid:First Last;

Done in 0.01003098487854s[/code]

When I remove the space it works. Is there a way I can make this work?

The problem seems to be that it tries to access “First Last_!nativeeditor_status” when it’s actually “First_Last_!nativeeditor_status”

I bet there’s a simple fix for this and I’m hoping a developer or admin can help me solve this, because it’s an urgent issue in my development

While the above issue can be fixed, using VarChar for ID key is not expected and may cause issues in other places.
Client side expects that ids are unique and are autogenerated by server side during data saving. It is rather simple to guarantee with integer fields ( by using autoincrement | serial )