Print a bunch of months in one pdf

Hi dhtmlx team,

I am wondering if it’s possible to print a bunch of months in one pdf, and of course one month per page.

Like I want to print from August to October, and it would generate a pdf with 3 pages.

Great thanks for your help. Your works are awesome. Come on.

Scheduler can export in pdf only current view, so it doesn’t possible to export multiple monthes at once ( at least not without heavy customization )


Thanks for your reply. But sorry to say you’re wrong. :laughing:

After few hours’ work on the codes, I have had a multiple pages PDF :blush:

See attchment pls.

Looks cool!

2 mini4 - can you post changed files? Thanks!




Just back from holiday… i am still working on some strange issues, such as font color, day height and so on.

Hopefully i can work them out soon. I would post a new one for the changes then.