Print configuration documentation


I would like to read more about the configuration available for printing one of the plugins; I’m mainly interested in table (or grid), gantt chart, and calendar.

I’m looking for the documentation for the print functionality and how to manipulate the page layout before it gets printed.
Would you be able to point me in the right direction?


Hello Dyaus,
For Gantt, we have the following articles about exporting the data to various files:


Here you can find the docs about the grid export to excel:


Thank you, evertbody.

Where can I find the print feature for the Table (or grid)?
Where can I find the print feature for the Calendar?


Could you please clarify your request? You are able to export your grid to the excel to print it.
In case of the dhx.Calendar there is no any specific mode for its pint view.


I am using the dhtmlx plugin to display the same dataset in 3 different views: table, calendar, gantt chart.

I have added some visual cues like pills, and colour-coded icons to improve the usability of the data.

The gantt chart has the export output in PDF, which is the best format to maintain the additional formatting and styling. But the table view and the calendar view don’t seem to offer the same feature.
Unless it’s somewhere and I am not able to find it.


dhx.Grid 7 has no export to pdf functionality, only the export to excel file, which then can be exported.
What about the calendar, could pleas,e clarifty what comporent are you meaning? if its is dhx.Calendar:

there is no export functionality at all, and it is not clear how its print view should look like.