Print content of appointment

Hi there

I was just wondering if there is a simple solution to print the details of an appointment in the frontend. My idea is some kind of a pdf (same as on the week view or so) or print button in the popup to print the details (see attachement).

Because when I open the popup and try to print it directly the popup is transparent where you can’t really read the content (see attachement2, red frame shows the border of the form).

Thank you for your feedback and kind regards,

Unfortunately there is no ready to use solution, but it definitely a nice idea - we will check how something similar can be added.

That’s a pity… Do you plan to implement it only in a next release or is there a possibility to give me some code and tell me where to paste it?

Otherwise if you could tell me which js-file I have to change I could try to adapt it from the built-in print function in Joomla:

<?php if ($canEdit || $params->get('show_print_icon') || $params->get('show_email_icon')) : ?> <ul class="actions"> <?php if (!$this->print) : ?> <?php if ($params->get('show_print_icon')) : ?> <li class="print-icon"> <?php echo JHtml::_('icon.print_popup', $this->item, $params); ?> </li> <?php endif; ?>

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Hi Dave,
implementing this ability requires complex changes in client and server sides. There isn’t ready to use solution for now and I guess it will be available in the next version.

Hi radyno
Thanks for your reply. Do you know when the next release is coming out?

I managed to do it like this as a workaround 'til the next release:

  • Connection via ODBC to the Joomla database
  • Export the values of the table events_rec to Excel
  • Created a Wordfile where I can paste the values from Excel with the advantage to show them in the document where I want (so it looks like a contract now which we send to the customers)

But I’m still loking forward to the new release :slight_smile:


Good work, Dave :slight_smile:
We don’t know date of the next release for now.