print pdf month view is empty

I have in my index.html this code inserted:

it works great. But Month view will be printed without events. Please Help ?
what should I do?


Try updating pdf extension with the 3.5 version (in the pinned thread).

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Hello Thank you great!
still a question , I have defined the events in other colors but they are all in one color in pdf.

is there a possibility to print in own style

Tru to use


second parameter of toPDF must be set as ‘fullcolor’

unfortunately does not work

Above command still result in pdf without event’s colors?
Which version of scheduler you are using ? dhtmlxscheduler_pdf.js from scheduler 3.0 must support fullcolor mode

I have the last version (3) from scheduler. please see on the screenshot the differences

It is expected result, pdf export reflect only color of event box, it doesn’t reflect custom colors for separate elements of the event box.