Print screen functionality not working for more than one pag

We have implemented DHTMLxGrid in our web-application and we have a table with a multiple rows spaning across more than one page. We have a print screen button and that calls window.print() dialogue box. When user gives a print command from this only first page data is printed rest all pages are coming as blank. Also when we try to see print preview from browser menu the same issue occurs.

We can not use grid.printView() method as we have certain sections over this grid (definition sections of the data given in grid) and we need to print these sections (mandatory) as well, as part of print functionality of this page. hence we have used window.print() method.

This is expected behavior. print() and printView() methods print only visible part of the grid. If some of the grid’s rows were not rendered yet there is no possibility to print them. If such requirement is critical in your case please contact and request for component customization.

Hi thanks for ur prompt reply..Actually I just wanted to ask that

On our page currently there are approx. 100 rows in the grid, but when we are using print() only first 20-30 rows (i.e., the number of rows that can be accomodated in a single page) are coming rest all not printed. Ideally all the data rendered on the page should be printed. We have already ensured that all rows are rendered correctly before calling the window.print() method.

Please provide us complete demo to reproduce this issue. Please find instructions how to create complete demo here